Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello, World!

Well hello there! This site still exists and hasn't been hijacked by hacker pirates?
Oh wait, and it's not just here, I thought I'd start a tumblr, too? Well that was ambitious of me. Who did I think I was that day?
I have occassional days of inspiration and the urge to post something (that may or may not be worth reading) but there are just a few things that have been stopping me. 

1) What platform should I use? Do I need to switch? Obviously Blogger is not the hippest of all platforms and obviously I do strive to be hip. I have a techy husband and friends - I don't want them to laugh at me (in that how-cute-she-doesn't-know-any-better way that techy friends do). But I think I'm getting too old for tumblr (I don't really get it). Wordpress is acceptable but there's just too many choices for customization - I'll be torn between designing it and an unreasonable fear of breaking it. So I'll brave the derision  - Blogger wins for now.

2) It's so hard to blog. You need to link to things, have pictures, have a point. Maybe even actually remember to TAKE pictures for the purpose of a blog post. Riiiiight. I originally started this thinking I could do some fun DIY projects, talk about cutesy things going on in my life, etc. But I'm not really doing much worth someone wasting minutes of their lives reading about. Let alone, ME taking the time to actually construct something semi-informative on a regular basis. I'm busy but boring and generally discouraged from attempting DIYing anything that I could buy already complete.

3) It's been so long. I feel like I have to write an apology post every time there's a lapse so then that means TWO posts I have to write. And then someone (hopefully) has to read. We're too busy for this right? 

4) What if nobody likes it? Let me be honest. About 90% of the time the reason I don't try something is because I'm afraid I won't be successful at it. And...with the amazing following some bloggers out there have, there's a high bar for success - or even mediocrity. So what if no one wants to read it? What if I "fail" at blogging? 

So, let's make a deal - I'm going to stop acknowledging when the usual long lapses in posting happens and having to write a post about what a shitty blogger I am. It's annoying, right? And maybe, I'll let go of the guilt that wracks me and freezes me up everytime I think about a quick post and actually write a few in the next year.

Also, I'm going to quit trying to make a point or have a purpose unless I'm trying to make a point or have a purpose. Your end? Add me to your google reader or RSS feeds or whatnot. Then you'll just have a little surprise on the occassion that Practicing Classy shows up as Practicing Classy (1) in your list of reads. And even if it's just my mom and a few friends who check-in on occasion, that's going to be alright. 

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