Monday, September 27, 2010

Haters Hatin'

Just when I was reveling in all the love I was getting last week; I discovered I have some haters (before my head could get too big).
Apparently, I've lost two Facebook "friends" in the last week. I have 303 FB friends (formerly 305). So while I do cast my net pretty wide; I'm not a crazy friend collector. A majority of my "friends" are people that I have spent time with at some point in my life. Some are still close to me but a lot of them are in my past. Doesn't mean I don't love to see what's going on in their lives. A few are brief acquaintances and yes, there are a couple that I have never met in my friggin' life but there's some kind of stretch of a connection there that obligated me to "friend" them.

First, I checked the obvious people - those that are most important to me. Then I checked the last group - those random people who might have realized they added me in some kind of stupor. Everyone is present and accounted for. So the two culprits are out there in that nebulous group. A friend I haven't connected with for a while. Someone who doesn't constantly post updates so I wouldn't noticed they'd gone missing. Did I offend them with my photos? Did I just annoy them with my posts about Hawkeyes and Glee? Why have I spent approximately 18 minutes trying to figure out who dropped moi? Why do I care?
On top of that - I got a shock on Twitter this evening (check me out @kellyclaire). Twitter's a little different - I follow quite a few people I don't know and a lot of them follow me back. People unfollow me and that's fine. I have no emotional investment in most of them. Plus, I'm not very witty (a major + in the geek community) or informative so I don't blame anyone for losing interest. But a friend of mine sent a tweet that  included a person I thought I followed - we'll call her @Susi (Disclaimer: if that twitter account exists - it is in no way associated with the account I'm talking about. At least, I don't think it is.).
When I saw my friend's tweet, I thought, "Hey - I haven't seen anything from @Susi in a while. I wonder if she stopped tweeting." Yes, I think in Twitter terms sometimes (I'm cool like that). I don't know @Susi personally but she kind of put her stuff out there - very personal, sometimes emotional tweets -  so she had an interesting feed.
So I clicked on her name and pulled up her page. To my surprise, the "Follow" button was on the page. This only shows up when you don't follow the person. "Well, that's silly. Maybe Twitter had a glitch and dropped some of my people. It happens." I proceed to click on the Follow button...

Blocked?! I got blocked?! That's what you do to spammers and super-annoying people. Not nice but not necessarily interesting people like me! Unfollow me - no biggie. But block me like some dirty porno spambot?? Really? What the eff did I ever do to you @Susi?
But what really pisses me off is that I actually spent a few minutes caring about any of this. Seriously - that makes me want to unfollow/de-friend myself. Why did I invest time wondering about people I didn't even notice went missing? Why am I writing this post? I've got awesome people in my real life who for whatever reason put up with me. So I'm over it. If I annoyed, offended or bored you in my internets life then I guess all I have left to say is; whatever bitches. Enjoy you're life without me - obviously I'll be fine without you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To My Loyal Fans!

Well, it appears that word is spreading about my sparkling wit being published on this little corner of the internets. Since my laziness has prevented me from posting for about a month and a half, I suppose it's time to give the people what they want!
But really - it's nice of some of you ladies (Meagan, Ali, Dana) to check Practicing Classy out and give me a little encouragement; however unwarranted. Aaaand, I'm sure the world will thank you someday.
So there actually has been some earth-shattering news in the last six weeks or so. For all the dirty details check out the post on my more professional blog, Socialize. Long story short, my corporate, convenience store event planning job was making me crazy. I was offered a part-time job back in the non-profit world and somehow convinced Sparky that I should take it and start my own event planning company (hence the Socialize blog - it's the name of the new biz. I think it's brilliant).
Honestly, I'm enjoying the new actual job immensely! As opposed to a certain past employer - they ask for my input and respect my ideas. It's been a while so it's a little like coming out of an abusive relationship. Slowly though, I'm beginning to realize it's for real.
As for Socialize, things are moving along slowly this month but I'll start aggressively pursuing some clients in October - just in time for the holidays!
I'll share more details with you later (if I remember to keep posting).