Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stop, Kelly, Stop!

Well friends, there is no need to fear. It is highly unlikely that this will ever turn into a running blog (or a blog in general, for that matter). Over seven weeks into my "training" and I'm actually behind where I started. 

This will not be me any time soon. source 

This all began with good intentions and reasonably high motivation. But excuses were just to darn easy to come by. The weather was the big setback for me. You see, I'm kind of a weenie when it comes to sweating; and the humidity in Iowa this summer has been like a warm wet rag over your face. Even at 6 AM. The few (very few) times I did attempt a jog, I would finish with a slight headache that would slowly get worse throughout my morning at work. Whether it got worse because of the running or my job; I don't actually know. One day, I actually had to take a slightly longer lunch and take a 20 minute nap at home in order to fend off a potential migraine.
This was all livable though. Sparky suggested that maybe I was pushing myself to hard; so I pulled it back a little. I walked when I was tired instead of pushing myself through to the next block (ok, half block). But one day last week; my future track career came to a halt.
I did my morning run, got ready and went to work. The day was going along nicely until someone stuck a knife in my head. MIGRAINE! Not just any migraine - the (second) worst migraine I have EVER had.
By the time I went home for lunch, I was sick to my stomach, for reals. I stuffed my face with Ibuprofen, laid down and went fetal - complete with moans and cries to make it stop. If things had gotten any worse, I would have told the migraine anything it wanted to know. After a 90 minute nap, things got better and for whatever reason; I returned to work.
Apparently this is called an exertion headache. What it means is that there is no effin' way I am doing the half marathon this year. Not if I have to face that pain every time I run.
So I am starting over. I've done two miles twice this week. So far, so good. With the half marathon unlikely I'll have to go another direction. Maybe I'll get to 5-7 miles before the snow flies. Or maybe I'll just take up yoga.