Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pop Princess

When I first found out that Britney Spears was coming to my city, I was excited but nervous. I soooo wanted to see her - but would anyone else? Despite the fact that she's a train wreck her flaws; the Britster has been with me through my entire adult life. We're practically the same age - not girls, not yet women.

So I risked ridicule and put out a request on FB. April and Lesley answered back! We booked some tickets and saw the show on Friday. See some of the highlights:

My partners in crime

Note the huge movie screen on the left - this was an orgy scene. Seriously - not a concert for kids! It was barely suitable for me!

By the way - Britney looked a.mazing. Her arms are ripped and she's completely toned. She's not "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Britney - but do any of us (later) 20-somethings look like we did when we were 17? Plus she's had two kids. What's my excuse?

Now fine, she didn't sing (surprise!) and she didn't dance quite as much as she used too (again, girlfriend's hips are almost 30). But it was a fabulous performance unlike anything I'll probably ever see again. I'm glad I could see her redeemed.